Improve your carpentry skills with these projects and tips from veteran carpenters from framing to trim carpentry.

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  • The Best Carpentry Tips and Advice

    We asked professional carpenters to pass along some of the tricks and tips they’ve learned after years of pounding thousands of nails…

  • Woodworking Jig For Complex Shapes

    Need to reproduce a complex shape for your carpentry project? With a tick stick you can easily make perfect templates for cutting irregular…

  • We do everything by our own hands is proud to announce the DIY University. Courses that give you the confidence and know-how to get the job done right.

  • Maximize Your Sawhorses

    Sawhorses can do much more than just hold up a piece of plywood. Even experienced carpenters will learn new tricks with these time-tested pro…

  • Sawhorse Plans

    Sawhorses are an essential construction tool, and this article highlights 5 of the best—3 DIY designs, with complete plans, and two…

  • Identifying Treated Lumber

    The amount of chemical treatment needed to preserve wood depends upon the chemicals used. Read the treatment tags carefully to get what you…

  • Toenailing Basics

    The art of toenailing is easy to learn. With a little practice you can drive an angled nail perfectly every time.

  • Weekend Wainscoting

    Traditional wainscoting doesn’t have to cost a bundle. Using MDF and standard pine molding profiles you can add old-world elegance to an…

  • How to Install Stair Spindles

    There are really just three steps involved in replacing a broken spindle: remove the old one, find a replacement, and fit it in. These tips…

  • How to Plane Rough Lumber

    Expand your woodworking skills and get access to a wide range of domestic and imported wood for your furniture projects by learning to flatten…

  • Choosing 4×4 Wood

    Not all pressure-treated wood is equally decay-resistant. Different parts of the tree absorb treatment differently. Learn how to spot the best…

  • How to Straighten Bowed Stud Walls

    One bowed stud can make a whole wall look bad. Before you hang the drywall, fix badly warped studs so that the finished wall will look straight…


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