Small Engine Repair

Small engine repair how-tos for lawn mowers and other equipment.

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  • Iridium Spark Plugs for Small Engines

    Start your lawnmower, RV or other small engine faster by replacing the copper spark plug with an iridium-enhanced spark plug. This article…

  • Small Engine Start Up Tips

    When a small engine won’t start, the usual suspects are bad gasoline, a corroded or plugged carburetor, or a bad ignition coil.

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  • How to Repair Small Engines: Cleaning the Carburetor

    Solve most lawnmower or other small engine starting problems with a simple diagnosis and a carburetor cleaning or rebuilding. It’ll only…

  • How to Test an Ignition Coil

    Learn how testing the ignition coil can be quick and easy using a special ignition system tester. It’s inexpensive and works for any…

  • Stale Gas Could Be Killing Your Small Engine

    Stale gas causes the vast majority of starting problems, which usually lead to a carburetor rebuild or replacement ($100). But if you follow a…

  • Snow Blower Oil Change Tips

    Add a permanent oil drain extension tube to your snow blower to simplify oil changes and avoid an oily mess.

  • How to Fix a Stuck Throttle

    Lawnmower throttle cables can get stuck because of rust and grit, making it difficult to control the mower. Here’s how to access and…

  • Install a New Snow Blower Belt

    Snowblower belts start to wear out after 5 to 7 years, and should be replaced. You can save money by doing the job yourself. Here’s an…

  • 13 Snow Blowing Tips That Make Snow Removal Quick and Easy

    These snow blowing tips will help you maintain and operate your snow blower for maximum efficiency and safety. Read these tips…

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