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Car maintenance projects and tips to help you keep your cars running smooth.

Car Maintenance projects

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  • How to Change Coolant

    Change the coolant yourself and save money on car maintenance. Our experts show how to change coolant in both newer and older (pre-2000) cars.

  • Jump Start a Car

    Buy high quality jumper cables for emergency jump-starting a car. They’re more dependable in adverse conditions.

  • We do everything by our own hands is proud to announce the DIY University. Courses that give you the confidence and know-how to get the job done right.

  • How to Jumpstart a Car: Batteries in Cars Built After Year 2000

    Learn about the latest jump-starting methods and about what you need to safely jump-start and replace a car battery without damaging computer…

  • Car Maintenance: Air Filter Check & PCV Valves

    Save money on your next oil change. Check your air filter and PCV valve yourself and save unnecessary replacements. Here’s how to tell if…

  • Car Care: How to Store Your Classic Car or Sports Car

    When you store your sports car or classic car in the garage for the winter, a few simple steps and some proactive care will keep it in tip-top…

  • Lubricate Car Locks, Hinges and Latches

    Get rid of those annoying squeaks in your car by spending 10 minutes to lubricate your car or truck. These simple yet small lube job tips will…

  • Fix Car Dents Yourself

    If you follow these steps, you can patch a car dent yourself in just an afternoon and save a few hundred bucks over body shop prices.

  • Custom Headlights

    Many luxury cars have bright white, high-intensity discharge headlights. If you like the look, you can customize almost any car’s…

  • Repairing and Maintaining Car Door Weather Stripping

    Repair torn weather stripping on car doors quickly and easily, and treat it with silicone spray to prevent winter freeze-up and further weather…

  • How to Jump a Car Safely

    Dead or weak battery? Jump-starting a vehicle is easy and safe if you follow these four simple steps. Keep reading to learn how to jumpstart a…

  • Spruce up Your Car: How to Install Seat Covers

    Are your car seats hopelessly stained or torn—or just plain ugly? Learn how to order and install replacement seat covers for both back…


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