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These floor repair articles will show you how to fix problems with your subfloor and joists.

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  • Laminate Floor Repair

    Laminate floor get a ding? Whether it’s a small chip or a big divot, you can repair it with simple, DIY techniques that make the floor…

  • How to Stiffen a Floor with Bridging

    A floor that bounces as you walk across it may just need to be stiffened with bridging, which spreads the load on each joist to adjoining…

  • We do everything by our own hands is proud to announce the DIY University. Courses that give you the confidence and know-how to get the job done right.

  • How to Fix Squeaky Floors

    Fast, easy ways to silence floor squeaks. No special skills or tools needed. We’ll show you everything you need to know.

  • How to Repair a Squeaky Floor

    Fill the gap and stop the squeak! You can do this fix in minutes, as long as you can get at the floor framing.

  • Home Repair: How to Seal Laminate Flooring Expansion Gaps

    Laminate flooring can be used for wet areas like bathroom floors, but only if it’s AC3 rated, with sealed expansion gaps at walls and…

  • How to Make Structural Repairs by Sistering Floor Joists

    This article provides step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to make structural repairs by sistering floor joists alongside weak joists.…

  • How to Repair Squeaky Stairs

    Carpeted stairs that squeak can be repaired from above in several easy steps—without destroying the ceiling below the steps.

  • Fi Bouncy Floors

    We'll show you three ways to stiffen up your bouncy floor—by adding bridging, installing plywood along the joists and adding a wall…

  • Step Repair: Fix Slippery Stairs

    Slippery steps can be made safe with traction tape, but the steps themselves must first be sealed well to prevent water from getting under the…

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